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Old Truck, 2015/2016

Our classic dry red wine blend that is fruit forward with moderate tannins. With a blackberry aroma, Old Truck is full bodied with a long finish.


Simply Red

A full bodied semi sweet red wine. Predominately Frontenac grapes yield a distinctive cherry aroma with a fruity taste.


Bear Creek Blue

A lightly Oaked Dry Blueberry Wine.


Petite Pearl

Coming November 2018

Crimson Pearl

Coming November 2018




Sheyenne, 2016

Named after the Sheyenne River, this dry white wine is a blend of local Louise Swenson and Prairie Star grapes. The golden color compliments the velvety mouthfeel with tropical fruit, apples and melon flavors.


White Bus

A semi sweet white wine reminiscence of a German Riesling. Local grapes of La Crescent, Frontenac Gris and Prairie Star are blended to create the beautiful floral aromas with perfect balance.





White Marquette

Our Rosé wine made with Marquette grapes. A sweet wine with a beautiful strawberry color. this Rosé has flavors of raspberry and cherries with a refreshing after taste.