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Our Story

Founded as a family business in 2003, Bear Creek is one of the original wineries in the Red River Valley. In the beginning, we produced mainly fruit wines, but since 2010 we have been solely devoted to exploring cold climate grapes and their capacity to produce fine wine.

We specialize in dry blends, both red and white using cold climate hardy grapes that can survive our harsh Northern winters. Our unique hybrid grape varieties are characterized by the cold hardiness of the local ancient river grapes and the excellent fruit qualities of the traditional grapes.

After years of experimentation, we have chosen grapes varieties that are best suited to the wine styles we make. Our grape varieties include Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl, Verona, Frontenac, Itasca, La Crescent, Frontenac Gris, and Marquette.

Our hope is to promote innovative viticulture and wine making techniques that involve traditional methods to enhance all aspects of the industry.

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